December 5, 2010

The Face of Beauty

Celebrity, pageant winner, supermodel, body builder, the star of the latest movie.. We all know that this is beauty, right?

If only... the smallest size, sculpted features, toned bodies, the finest in apparel, flawless in appearance. It's what we all aspire to one day be. To be "beautiful"

Who has defined "beauty" in appearance? Who, in society, have we allowed to become the teachers of this valuable lesson?

Is there anyone who takes the time to think, "How did a certain weight become the perfect size? Who chose this number? Who decided that a line on a face needed correction?" 

We've allowed this to happen. Often, we never realize that these ideas have been accepted into our thought process, therefore altering our perception of those around us. Now is the time, in a world so enthralled by appearance, to turn our thoughts to what is of real importance. 

When you notice someone, who has moved on from the time of what we consider capable of "beauty" ... choose that moment to pause. In this pause, see with your heart.

Look into the eyes of the past.
Comfort the heartbreak found in creases, long after the pain is gone. Share the joy found in lines, as if it happened today. 

Experience the victory in struggles won, the strength gained in battles lost. 

Imagine your fingertips tracing these creases, these lines. With your touch, read epics written so long ago. Look with eyes that are truly opened. Your spirit is awakened. Your face lights with wonder...

Your own story has begun. 

~ searching for beauty where most fail to notice ~